Blockchain fundamentals along with its components, difference between legacy & Blockchain technology, benefits over legacy technology and its applicability across the business domains.

Program Overview & Key Highlights

The Learner will be able to understand the Blockchain basics, different components of Blockchain, its usage across business domains in a classroom type setting where the course is being delivered by architects and consultants who are subject matter experts and are involved in developing solutions to industry use cases. Will discuss a client specific use case, proof of concepts, as well as interactive hands-on labs.

Key Highlights

a. Designed for Business Professionals

b. 2 day in class learning

c. Projects and assignments

d. Hands-On Lab and continued access for 6 months

e. Timely doubt resolution

f. One-on-One with industry mentors

What You’ll Learn

Blockchain Basics, Classifications, Use Cases across Business Domains and a Client specific Use Case

Day 0

  • What is your Job Profile?

  • What do you expect from this workshop?

  • Any use case where you see blockchain applies?

    • Helps tailor the workhop contents to suit the audience profile, job responsibilities and their expectation from the workshop

Day 1

  • What is Blockchain and its Impact? – 2 Hours
    • What is Blockchain and its Impact?; Why Blockchain is better than a traditional systems
    • History of Bitcoin; Blockchain Industry Developments*
    • Blockchain Application Vs. Legacy Applications
  • Security, Cryptography & Blockchain Concepts – 2 Hours
    • Asymmetric & Symmetric cryptography, Immutability, Consensus, Smart Contracts
    • Data Structures in Blockchain – Ledgers, Blocks, Transaction and Understanding Wallets
  • Blockchain Classifications – 0.5 Hours
    • Types of Blockchain & their Features – Private, Public, and Permissioned Blockchain*
  • Use Cases & Applications – 2 Hours
    • Describing some use cases*
    • Where Not to use Blockchain
    • Blockchain Challenges – Adoption & Technical;
    • The larger picture – Blockchain with IOT, AI & ML

Day 2

  • Revision of Day 1 Contents – 0.5 Hours
  • Use Cases in the Client’s preferred domain – 6.5 Hours
    • How to plan the real implementation strategy. Mastering the timelines and cost implications of implementation. Visualise your journey from PoC to Production. Re-imagine and Re-architect your business use cases and workflows. Build Your Own Product, expert talk on challenges of product strategies Explain all the Blockchain Features by designing a use case applicable to Client’s Industry / domain for better understanding*

Lab Work

  • Project
    • Project work (Off site, Cloud VM for individual trainee, email Q&A, Final review)


Conceptual understanding of Computer Networks and Databases; Good understanding of a business domain

Certifications & Lab Access

Blockchain Fundamentals advance Certification powered by ZEEVE & CERTIZA and Blockchain Lab access for 6 months

Who Should Attend?

Influencers and decision makers in an organization; Individuals who are embarking on Blockchain Journey

Jeevan Saini

Sankalp Sharma