Blockchain deep dive with deep understanding of a Blockchain protocol, coding of Smart Contracts & Consensus mechanism. Details on DApp development and its applicability across the business domains.

Program Overview & Key Highlights

The Learner will be able to understand the Blockchain basics, different components of Blockchain in all details, one of the Blockchain protocol among Hyperledger Sawtooth / Hyperledger Fabric / Ethereum / R3 Corda with coding for Smart Contracts and Consensus mechanisms. They will also learn development of distributed applications (DApp) and distributed governance. The course is being delivered by architects and consultants who are subject matter experts and are involved in developing solutions to industry use cases in class room setting. This course will also touch upon different use cases across different business domains with interactive hands-on lab and continued access for 6 months.

Key Highlights

a. Designed for Business Professionals

b. 5 day in class learning

a. Designed for Business Professionals

c. Projects and assignments

d. Hands-On Lab and continued access for 6 months

e. Timely doubt resolution

What You’ll Learn

How to develop Blockchain Networks including Smart Contracts, Consensus, Distributed governance and applications. Use Cases across Business Domains and what is expected in next few years?

Day 0

  • What is your Job Profile?
  • What do you expect from this workshop?
  • Any use case where you see blockchain applies?
    • Helps tailor the workhop contents to suit the audience profile, job responsibilities and their expectation from the workshop

Day 1

  • Blockchain Refresher – 5 Hours
    • Quick refresher on Blockchain Technology concepts
    • What is Blockchain and its Impact?; Why Blockchain is better than a traditional systems
    • Blockchain Industry Developments*
    • Cryptography & Blockchain Concepts
    • Blockchain Classifications*
    • Distributed Ledgers and P2P Networks
    • Understanding Immutability and Consensus Mechanisms
    • Decentralization
  • Introduction to Hyperledger – 1 Hours
    • – The Linux Foundation & Hyperledger Projects under the Umbrella
  • Introduction Hyperledger Sawtooth – 1.5 Hours
    • Introduction Hyperledger Sawtooth; Sawtooth Technology Stack & Tools
  • Project introduction – 2 Hours
    • Introduction to project environment
    • Expectation for project work

Day 2,3 & 4 Either platform: Hyperledger Sawtooth / Hyperledger Fabric / Ethereum

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth Architecture – 3 Hours
    • Global States; Transaction & Batches; Journal & Transaction Scheduling; REST API; POET 1.0 & SGX
    • Configurations & Permissions (On-chain & Off-chain); Transaction Lifecycle
    • Sawtooth Events
  • Starting Development with Hyperledger Sawtooth – 4 Hours
    • Installing & Running Sawtooth; Start component services; Generate keys; Register validator
    • Configure peering; Verify install and fix if necessary
    • Connect transaction processor to validator; Create genesis block; Verify system meets hardware requirements
    • Practical demo
  • Off-chain Hyperledger Sawtooth / Hyperledger Fabric / Ethereum Configuring– 4 Hours
    • Configure validator peering & network, consensus, logging, REST API, transaction processor endpoint
    • Sample dApp development walk through
  • On-chain Permissioning & Configuration – 4 Hours
    • Permission a transaction processor, Policy management, Validator registration, System permissions
    • Configure validator local policy file & key permissioning
    • Role management: transactor roles & network roles; Configure transactor permissions
    • Secure connections between components & between validators
    • Manage validator keys and secrets
    • Sample dApp development walk through*
  • Smart Contract & DAPP Development – 4 Hours
    • Smart Contracts and their applications; Nature & Properties of Smart Contracts; Best Practices & Standards
    • Available SDK’s and their usage, Global States in Sawtooth, Choosing your SDK or language for your Transaction Processor.
    • Role management: transactor roles & network roles; Configure transactor permissions
    • Addressing Schemes, Creating your First Smart Contract; Default Smart Contracts – Identity TPs, Settings TP, Registry TPs
    • Logging, Debugging & Troubleshooting
    • Sample dApp development walk through

Day 5

  • Other Blockchain Development Networks – 1.5 Hours
    • Limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks
    • Multi-chain, Tendermint, Corda, Stellar and other Development Applications
    • Salient Features
    • Use Cases*
  • Multilayer Middleware and Design – 1.5 Hours
    • Architecting Blockchain Solutions
    • A thought on Blockchain with IOT, AI/ML
    • Design Considerations
  • The Outlook Ahead (Hashgraphs) – 1.5 Hours
    • Concept of Hashgraphs
    • Improvements in Throughput
  • d-Governance: Impact of Blockchain – 1.5 Hours
    • Utilities of Blockchain in the Future*
    • d-Governance: Impact of Blockchain
    • Introduction to Scaling and Production
  • Project assignment – 1 Hours
    • Explain project assignment

Lab Work

  • Project
    • Project work (Off site, Cloud VM for individual trainee, email Q&A, Final review)


Hands-on experience of using a programming language, Database & Network concepts. Good to have Design experience

Certifications & Lab Access

Blockchain Fundamentals advance Certification powered by ZEEVE & CERTIZA and Blockchain Lab access for 6 months

Who Should Attend?

Developers, Designers, Architects and Technical decision makers.

Jeevan Saini

Sankalp Sharma